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These convenient, cost effective and delicious meal kits are designed, produced and delivered with the utmost care and concern for complete nutritional value and enjoyment. Each pouch represents one meal (the desserts are an extra treat) and provides an average of 1200+ calories per day. Products can be prepared in the pouch for your convenience. Simply add boiling water.

The Alpine Aire 7 day kit is comprised of the following vegetarian and gluten-free cook in the pouch food items:

  • 7x-Alpine Aire Santa Fe Black Beans and Rice
  • 7x-Alpine Aire Rice and Beans Bowl with Vegetables
  • 7x-Alpine Aire Mountain Chili



This convenient, cost-effective and delicious 7-day meal kit includes some of our best-selling tasty meals. Each pouch represents one meal and combined provides an average of 1200+ calories per day. Each meal can be easily prepared in the pouch by simply adding boiling water. Excellent for emergency preparedness, or simply making meal planning easier on your next outdoor adventure.

Survival Emergency Meal Kit Contains:

  • 7x Mountain Chili: A savory vegetarian chili including a blend of pinto beans, vegetable protein, freeze-dried corn, mushrooms, bell peppers, and select chili spices. (42g of Protein ea– Gluten Free)
  • 7x Sante Fe Black Beans and Rice: Black beans and rice with a zesty southwest flavor blended with corn, carrots, along with red and green bell peppers. (20g of Protein ea- Gluten Free)
  • 7x Rice and Beans Bowl with Vegetables: Southwestern style vegetarian burrito bowl seasoned with vegetables and rice. (9g of Protein- Gluten Free)

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