First Aid For Unconsciousness

First Aid For Unconsciousness

Causes Of Unconsciousness |
First Aid For Unconsciousness

If you ever find someone collapsed, you can use the first aid mnemonic DR ABC to remember what to do!

Causes Of Unconsciousness

Causes Of Unconsciousness can be brought on by a major illness or injury, or complications from drug use or alcohol misuse.

Common causes of unconsciousness include:

  • a car accident
  • severe blood loss
  • a blow to the chest or head
  • a drug overdose
  • alcohol poisoning

Prevention Of Unconsciousness


Check for any dangers to yourself or the casualty. Ask yourself – what has happened to the casualty? Survey the scene and identify anything that could pose a risk to yourself, the casualty or the emergency services.


Check for a response from the casualty. Try and wake them up; shout loudly in both ears and gently shake / tap them on the shoulders.


Kneel by the casualty’s head and open their airway by tilting their head backwards (with one hand) and lifting the chin (with two fingers of the other hand)


Place your ear above their mouth and look at their chest. Check for normal breathing (regular breaths) for up to 10 seconds. Look/Listen/Feel for breath.

If they are breathing, place the casualty on their side with their head tilted backwards. One method of doing this is the recovery position. Watch the video below to learn how to place someone into the recovery position.

Once they’re in the recovery position, call an ambulance if one hasn’t been called already. Tell the ambulance service that you have a casualty who is unconscious.


First Aid for Unconsciousness is when a person won’t wake up. Use “DRAB” to remember what to do if you find someone collapsed. Always call an ambulance.

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